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Rural Electrification Authority

The Rural Electrification Authority was established under Section 66 of the Energy Act, 2006 (No 12 of 2006) as a body corporate. It was created in order to accelerate the pace of rural electrification in the country, a function which was previously undertaken by the Ministry of Energy.

REA: Lighting Up Rural Kenya

Achieving Vision 2030 through Rural Electrification

It is the Government's intention that all Kenyans have access to electricity by the year 2030 as envisaged in the country's blueprint for development, the vision 2030. It is for this reason that the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) was created under the Energy Act No. 12 of 2006 and charged with the mandate of accelerating the peace of rural electrification. REA carries out this mandate through sourcing of funds, grid extension and promotion and development of renewable energy sources.